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Stan Gabz & Fabulous

Spontaneously floating in space, Stan Gabz met Fabulous and they quickly became best friends. They were always together, cracking jokes and having fun until one day....

Stan Gabz and Fabulous is an improvisitary project, working on minimalistic music recorded at home, the band just created itself when guitarist Stanimir Lambov and saxophonist Gabija Bartulyte were recording a few improvisations in a home studio enviornment. The tracks were send then to the fabulous Captain Fabian, who added his magic and then it all began...

Their first EP "A Flower Night" was released on June 11th and consist of five miniatures, which just happened by themselves. 

The first album of the band, called "Second breakfirst" was released on September 21st and it futures 7 improvised in layers compositions. You can listen and purchase the albm here  and stream it on all the platforms. 

Gabija Bartulyte – reeds, voice
Stanimir Lambov – guitar, fx, violin

Fabian van der Dussen - music production

The video to "Say mo" the first single from our upcoming third album is out! 

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