Lamp Of(f) Trio

Lamp Off is a collaborative cross-genre musical experience by Stanimir Lambov (guitar/fx), Gabriele Bertossi (bass) and Ruggero Di Luisi (drums and percussion). The trio plays both composed and completely improvised music and aims at doing it in a way which creates an immersive experience. Although inspired by jazz, the musicians are cultivating their own sound by happily embracing wherever the music brings them.
The band was created in the summer of 2021 when guitarist Stanimir invited Gabriele and Ruggero to play some of his compositions together. They all felt a connection and decided to explore further what this alliance can bring.
Lambov, who had just graduated his masters saw this as an opportunity to apply the outcomes of his research in a real-life musical situation. Inspired by the need for new harmonic approaches on the guitar, as well as his interest in classical music, throughout his master's research, Stanimir was exploring the application of counterpoint to improvisation on guitar. The trio format provides just the perfect amount of sonic space for the application of these concepts. Through them and through working with guitar effects, Lambov is on a quest to share his own sonic universe with the world.
Although Stanimir is the one who initiated the band, in it there are no leaders or followers. The boys are curious to find ways of playing and improvising together as a unit, using the space provided to them and especially playing together with the ambience of the room as well as the silence.