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Lamp Of(f)

Psychedelic soundscapes, groovy riffs and nocturnal moods are some of the spices in the tasty sonic stew this trio has to offer. Immersing in this dish, cooked for you with love, light is forgotten, space and sound are praised. A childish love for freedom, an ability to see beauty in wierdnees and vice versa, a desire for relaxation – this is what brings them together, and what they want to bring to the world. As they are the last to leave the party, they'll turn the lamp off for just have to let go...

The band released their debut album "Too Much Light For My Eyes" with ZenneZ Records on November 11th! The singles "Nardis" and "Is It Loneliness or Solitude?" were released on August 5th and September 30th respectfully and are available for streaming on all the digital streaming platforms. You can find the album on all digital streaming platfroms as well on Bandcamp or buy your copy on the website of ZenneZ.

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