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Exhaled Mountains - Austeja Žvirblytė, Stanimir Lambov, Jorrit Westerhof

Exhaled Mountains is a conversation. A conversation about the things that you find the hardest to talk about. Frustrations, fears, desires. It’s the moment when you feel such a heaviness in your heart that it seems like it has taken the weight of mountain ranges spreading high and wide...and after this conversation you breathe out and the mountains are gone...and you are light again and your breath can go on.

This album was conceived when Austeja and Stanimir played an improvised set together in a moment of their lives when they needed to breath out a lot of heaviness and frustration. The material was then masterfully edited and produced by Jorrit, who like the chorus in a Greek tragedy gives the listener the full spectrum of the story. It’s about existence, looking for meaning, or even questioning if it is needed, wanting to run away...but staying, running away and asking yourself why.

Austeja Žvirblytė - vocals

Stanimir Lambov - guitar

Jorrit Westerhof - production, mixing and mastering

Artwork by: Snaigė Židonytė

Label: yab yum records

Release date - 15th of April

Buy/Stream on Bandcamp:

Available for streaming on all the major platforms.

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