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No Clue Klub

No Clue Klub is a band from Groningen, The Netherlands, playing entirely improvised music. The quartet likes to dive into the alchemy of sounds and discover new possibilities within the realm of instant composing. The band got together whilst studying Jazz at the Prins Claus Conservatorium in Groningen, with the purpose of improvising without any rules or restrictions. Letting go of the concepts and ideals they were taught enabled them to cultivate their own sound. Naturally, the focus of Nebula has always been live shows. The purpose of the band is to go into a new auditory universe, bringing their audiences with them.

Describing their sound can be quite difficult because of the eclectic and ever-changing character of the music. Spontaneity, though, is one of the elements which will always be present. A certain character of their music is their love for staying with an idea for some time and developing it into a song while keeping the explorative nature. In some performances, poetry written by the band is more closely inviting the audience into the ever-evolving story.

The quartet consist of voice-explorer and trumpeter Austėja Žvirblyte (LT), reeds and live-electronics magician Yaşar Kan (DE), guitarist and sonic trickster Stanimir Lambov (BG) and drummer and sound skater Aleksandar Škorić (SRB).

"Into Eternity /again...and back" 

In January 2020, Nebula recorded a fully improvised live studio album with audience. That’s how their debut album “Into Eternity Again…and Back” was born.

A full non-interrupted set divided into 9 pieces, “Into Eternity Again…and Back” is dedicated to one’s spiritual journey through life, and the ever-changing experience of living itself.


 “This album came into existence after a year of explorations together. We got together on a cold January night and improvised with the intention to flow with the music wherever it takes us. That way we can give a chance to those feelings you can’t quite put your finger on, let them come out and be communicated with the outer world.”

You can hear the record on the band's Bandcamp page:  or listen to it on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube and other streaming platforms.

The band was part of the "Free Grunn" festival organised by Stanimir  Lambov in Groningen on Dec. 3, 2022. You can watch an after video of the festival here:

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